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Leadership academy, We fulfill your corporate dreams

Leadership Academy support students on improving employability skills, placements, and information of
technological advancement etc. along with the opportunity to learn leadership skills. It injects a comprehensive, innovative leadership training curriculum in to the industry collaboration segment. The leadership Academy is powered by Corp. Connect Program which consists of

Industry Integration

Interconnects industry and corporate companies to campus world. Exposing students to
the world of work plays vital importance in today’s world.

Intellectual Connect

Connecting high profiled Professors and intellectuals for the same kind of student to interact with.

Media & Creative World Connect

Our learners can get direct access to Media industry including Film, Teleshops, Advertisement Agencies & other Media Journalism related profile building.

Find your fortune anywhere in the world

Global Placement Cell facilitate career opportunities for our graduates in Corp. Companies and SMEs through Campus World Live Job App across the world.

Our placement cell panel is the frontrunners in implementing innovative techniques in talent acquisition. The cell’s motto is to illuminate the opportunity road map for qualified professionals across the globe.