The campuses under Campus World network offers qualifications from the following Universities and awarding bodies.


150 YEARS of legacy in skill-based education with CAMPUSES in the UK

Founded in 1891, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE NEW UNIVERSITY has been making a positive impact for 130 years through education, research, and environmental initiatives. It has been actively engaging with communities around the world to accomplish its mission as a CIVIC UNIVERSITY. It delivers life changing education to diverse community of students. The prestigious National Student Survey of 2018 ranked the university as the top institution for intellectual stimulation in marketing courses. Additionally, the university was acclaimed as the 12th creative university in the UK by the esteemed Huffington Post in 2013. Focused on providing highly interactive and quality teaching, the university fosters a caring, inclusive, and supportive learning community. Buckinghamshire New University's distinctive positioning in various rankings and surveys is a testament to its dedication to excellence.



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Buckinghamshire New University has been offering the following programmes through Cromwell UK in the UAE.

International MBA

BA (Hons.) Business Management

B.Sc (Hons.) Accounting and Finance


Qualifi is a leading 21 century awarding organization in the United Kingdom. Its programs are accredited by Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the examination watchdog of UK. Since Qualifi adheres to the standards set by the regulatory body like Ofqual, its programs are accepted by universities worldwide to provide advanced entry for the students. It is approved by the world’s leading credential evaluation organizations like WES.

Following programmes of Qualifi are offered through the delivery centres of Campus World.

Qualifi Level 4 Diploma in

Qualifi Level 5 Diploma in

Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in

Swiss School of Business Research

Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) embraces the values of high quality and individual attention within programmes that conform to the highest standards. SSBR’s programmes are designed to help you gain insight, skills and experience to set you up for the next step of your career. Embracing a steadfast attitude of excellence, SSBR takes pride in its ability to be attuned to students’ needs, offering a responsive and enriching support system that fosters not just success, but thriving accomplishments. SSBR stands as a beacon of transformation, dedicated to equipping you with the acumen and capabilities to excel in your future endeavours.

Following programmes of Qualifi are offered through the delivery centres of Campus World.

eie European Business School

The eie Institute of Education is a higher educational institution based in Malta, a European Union member country. Established in January 2000, with a commitment to excellence in education, eie offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for students to thrive academically and personally. With a focus on fostering global perspectives, eie continuously strives to provide an outstanding learning environment for its students. eie is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (License No: 2005-TC-001). 

In 2023, EIE proudly entered into a remarkable academic partnership with Campus World – a unique educational ecosystem with network of campuses across the globe. This strategic partnership marks a remarkable milestone in the education sector, bringing together the expertise and resources of two esteemed institutions from different corners of the world. The agreement reflects the shared commitment of EIE and Campus World to promote international cooperation, academic excellence, and the exchange of knowledge in the pursuit of fostering global learning opportunities. Through this collaboration, EIE and Campus World aim to explore various avenues of cooperation, including but not limited to: 

• Academic Exchange Programmes: Facilitating student and faculty exchange programs to enable cross-cultural learning experiences and exposure to diverse educational environments. 

• Joint Research Initiatives: Collaborating on research projects and initiatives that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and address global challenges.

• Curriculum Development: Sharing best practices in curriculum design and development, promoting innovation and relevance in education.

• Professional Development: Organising workshops, seminars, and training sessions for educators to enhance their teaching methodologies and skills.

• Joint Programmes: The Academic MOU sets the stage for the development of joint academic programs, in accordance with regulatory standards. By leveraging the expertise of both institutions, these collaborative programs will provide students with a unique curriculum that blends international perspectives with industry-relevant skills, enhancing their employability and future prospects. 

Campus World currently offers the following EIE programs through its own delivery centers: Cromwell UK in the UAE and Aspire Business School in Barcelona, Spain


MBA in Accounting and Finance

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

BA in Accounting and Finance

MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Cromwell UK International Education

United Arab Emirates

Aspire Business School


Arden University

Arden University has a proud heritage in providing flexible and accessible higher education. We’ve grown and evolved from our beginnings in 1990 as the chosen online learning partner for universities across Britain, to offer a new kind of learning experience, providing both online and blended learning degree courses that meet the changing needs of modern life. Today, we offer more than 90 career-focused qualifications, many of which are accredited by leading professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society, the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation, the Association for Project Management, and many others. 

We strive to do things differently, and believe in doing things better. We recognise that higher education providers must proactively respond to the current and future needs, trends, and expectations of employers, as well as a global evolving economy, to create a better world for everyone. With study centres across the UK in Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Leeds, as well as in Berlin, Germany, we offer our students the chance to gain life-changing degree qualifications no matter their background or personal circumstances.

As active champions of equality, diversity, and inclusion, we believe that higher education is a force for both social and economic change. Through bringing the power of technology together with the potential of a university education, we are revolutionising the traditional university model to remove unnecessary barriers to learning.